Thursday, November 14, 2013

Rachel Bach / Fortune's Pawn / A Terrific Space Opera

As I started Fortune's Pawn
I was caught off guard
The protagonist was so awkward
I'm so glad I kept reading

Fact of the matter is
Deviana Morris, Devi, is awkward
Socially awkward
As a soldier
Devi is Hell on Wheels

Devi has one goal
To join the elite troops
To be a Devastator
To be one of the King's own

Nothing will stand in her way, nothing

The fast track to the Devastators
Captain Brian Caldwell and his ship, Glorious Fool
The Glorious Fool does not have a shiny record
Crew members are lost or killed at a staggering rate

Among the unusual crew members
The cook, Rupert
Tall, dark and handsome, Rupert
Who or What is, Rupert
Beautiful handsome, Rupert

Rachel Bach is off and running
Fortune's Pawn is book one
Paradox is the series
Fast paced and lots of action

What would Homer say
Homer would say, "Shiny"
I agree
Fortune's Pawn is Shiny!

Wise Up Ghost: and other songs
Elvis Costello and The Roots
Whooee! Elvis in all his glory

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