Thursday, November 14, 2013

Richard Kadrey / Dead Set / A Darker Side; Exposed!

I love Sandman Slim
Who doesn't
Dark, Funny, Outrageous, Sacrilegious
All to extremes

Now we have another side
Richard Kadrey's somber dark side
An entirely different spin on the halfterlife
Not a friendly place
Not Heaven, Not Hell, Just Not

Zoe lost her father not too long ago
The insurance company says he never existed
Mom can't find work
The move to the city
Away from her friends
Living in a dumpy apartment
Life sucks

Zoe got some help
She hasn't hurt herself recently

Zoe's father's soul is in peril
It's up to Zoe

A Brilliant Read
Urban Fantasy and Fiction Readers
Young Adult and Adult Readers
This book is for you
Dead Set

Blind Boys of Alabama
I'll Find A Way

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