Monday, June 18, 2012

Iron Druid Number Four

Kevin Hearne has a good thing going
I laugh, I howl, I roll in the dirt
This boy and his dog are entertaining
Their incessant dialog (not verbal) is hilarious
I want a dog like Oberon
Tricked, book 4 of The Iron Druid Chronicles
Has Atticus dealing with Coyote
Coyote, the ultimate trickster
He is so devious, so relentless
The guy just can't help himself
Even if he's trying to do good
There has to be one more trick
One more hitch in everybody else's get-a-long
Coyote is consistent if nothing else
Atticus, of course, is a get it done guy
When he says he will deliver
He delivers
Atticus is distracted
Keeping pure thoughts about his apprentice
Silly guy
Therein lies the problem, he's a guy
Granualie, on the other hand
Wonders why he's so aloof
Star-crossed madness, fun, fun, fun
She's his apprentice for Druid's sake

What's listening
Lyle Lovett
Release Me

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