Thursday, August 23, 2012

Cory Doctorow Delivers In YA, "Little Brother"

Little Brother stopped me cold
I lost one night's sleep
It was worth it
Cory Doctorow hits the nail
It penetrates your psyche
Paranoia just keeps building
The description of electronic surveillance 
Clear enough to paralyze you
You start noticing all the cameras
All the radio signal readers
All the Arphid (RFID) tag readers
All the GPS you own; car, phone, tablet...

Biggest questions to speculate
The Constitution of the United Stats (pdf / interactive)
Will it protect you / Does it protect you
Do you recognize the dangers in your life
To live in fear or not to live in fear
Better yet, Do you recognize what you should fear
What or who controls or creates the fear in your life
Do the precautions we take make us any safer
And more, so much more, to think about

Okay! Okay!
The story
Young boy is arrested detained as a terrorist
Young boy does not lay down and roll over
The boy knows how to use the technology in his life
Mighty exciting stuff
And all of this in a Young Adult Novel

The bibliography is a must read
There is hope in the world we live in
There are also many dangers
Be aware, pay attention, be present
Paranoia is healthy, very healthy

New music in the library
All songs a collabration
Rodney Crowell singer, songwriter
Mary Karr wordsmith and memoirist

Norah Jones
Vince Gill
Lucinda Williams
Lee Ann Womack
Rosanne Cash
Kris Kristofferson
Emmylou Harris
Rodney Crowell
Even a jaded cynic will emote while listening

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