Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Benedict Jacka Has A Cool Name

I read Fated on a whim
I liked Benetict Jacka's name
The Jim Butcher quote on the cover nudged me
The Alex Verus novels are going to be read
The magic is complex and well developed
Alex is a diviner
Not the strongest card in the magic deck
The characters are, depending on their role
Endearing and Despicable
Some, a little of both
I liked the spider
I liked her cloth
The first story, Fated, introduced the players well
The love interest was just more than an obvious hint
The challange the couple will face, daunting
Urban Fantasy fans
A Must Read

More music new to the library
1988vnl / 1990cd release
A personal favorite
Helped me stumble out of troubled times
John Hiatt / Slow Turning

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