Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Required Re-Reading / Philip K. Dick

1963 Hugo Award Winner
The Man in the High Castle
Philip K. Dick, always at his best

I am generally not a fan of alternative histories
This book is an exception
Leave it to Dick to twist things
Within this alternative history
The reader finds
The Grasshopper Lies Heavy
An alternative history novel

In this story the Axis won WWII
The US is divided into 3 areas
The USA in the East, German controlled
The PSA in the West, controled by Japan
And the Rocky Mountain States
A somewhat free zone buffering the USA and PSA

Throughout the book the characters are constantly
Consulting the Oracle (even the Germans)
The I Ching; or, Book of Changes
The hexagrams derived
Are explained in some detail
The plot continually thickens

Carl G. Jung, in a nutshell, called the I Ching
A book of magic spells that work
Go figure

What will the reader garner from this 1962 book
Life lessons in culture (raceism), polotics and religion
An edgy look at the diversity of the human condition
We are all guilty of egocentric thinking
And soo much more (keep your pennies, no charge)

I could spend days scratching the surface
Philip K. Dick runs deep in my veins
Check the Wiki for a rundown of his accomplishments
They are still making and remaking movies
They are still writing books about the man

Norah Jones
Little Broken Hearts

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