Thursday, August 16, 2012

Jo Anderton Is Smok'n Hot

Just blistered my way through Debris
Book 1 of The Veiled Worlds Trilogy
Australian author Jo Anderton
Has opened her career with a bang
What a treat for Fantasy / Sci-Fi fans
New and well crafted magic
Very smart world building
The protagonist, Tanyana, is strong
And head strong to a fault
But, she is not a quitter
Again and again she gets up
Again and again she trys to do the right thing

The book reads like a Sci-Fi Fantasy mix
There are elements of Urban Fantasy
There is a subtle whif of Steampunk

The story is relentless
The reader is always engaged

I have my Hold on Suited, book 2
I can hardly wait to get on with the story

Music today
Ray LaMontagne
Gossip in the Grain

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