Friday, August 3, 2012

James S. A. Corey Is Brilliant

I enjoyed Leviathan Wakes (the post)
I loved Caliban's War
Book 2 of the Expanse series
James S. A. Corey speculates with the best
His future is totally believable
Life at the edges of this solar system
Adapted to, as only humans could adapt
The polotical machinations
As only humans can machinate
The war between Earth, Mars, and the Outer Planets
Messier than ever and full of misunderstandings
The alien proto-stuff?
More dangerous than ever
James Holden and crew continue doing the hard work
Unraveling the mess
Searching for peace
The characters are fully fleshed
As complex as humans are wont to be
Thank You James S. A. Corey!

New music to us.
I am ecstatic
Difinitive alt-country
The Jayhawks
Tomorrow the Green Grass


  1. Been listening to the Jayhawks for close to 20 years. Tomorrow the Green Grass has remained in my playlist the entire time.

    1. Always happy to learn of fellow listeners in the A-C genera. We should do a TV on some of our alt-country CDs in the collection some day. Give me some lead time to trap any CDs that are out and need to be gathered. I'll bring them down.