Monday, September 16, 2013

Lauren Beukes / The Shining Girls / Beukes' Voice Will Not Be Denied

Moxyland melted me (post)
Zoo City glued me to the pages (post)

The Shining Girls, I am in awe
All ancillary attention appropriated
The only thing I could do was read

Lauren Beukes moved from paperbacks
To a mainstream publisher and a hardback book
Well Done Ms Beukes, very well indeed

The story, so intriguing
Keeping the plot coherent
A work of art

A trophy obsessed serial killer
Capable of moving in time
Only from 1929 to 1992

A survivor brimming with grit and determination
Obsessed with a desire for justice
A young woman without an iota of quit in her

The Shining Girls will not be found in Science Fiction
This shining beast is in the Fiction collection

Gillian Welch
Revival  (c)1996

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