Thursday, September 19, 2013

Django Wexler / The Thousand Names / Outstanding Series Opener

Django Wexler has my attention
The Thousand Names held my attention
The protagonist, a personally favored twist

Winter, a young woman on the run
Posing as a young man
Hiding as a common foot soldier

The colonial army is far from home
Khandar is a bleak, arid, stifling land
The natives are restless

The world building is full immersion
You know you are there
Khandar is an uncomfortable place

Enter the new leader of the troops
A very enigmatic fellow
A man with an agenda
The Thousand Names

The magic
As expected

My foot is tapping
I am waiting
Book 2 of The Shadow Campaigns
Publication date and title unknown
Not my kind of mystery
My foot is tapping
I despise impatience
Especially my own impatience

I will listen to music
I will listen to The Civil Wars
I will listen to Civil Wars

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