Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Cursed / Alex Verus Novel 2 / Benedict Jacka

I really like reading the Alex Verus Novels
His attitude and attention to business
His indifference to his mistakes
Alex Verus is not perfect
How fresh is that

Fleshed out his characters
The plot got thicker and richer
Alex can't hide from himself, like he has
Luna can make a fool of herself, and survive

The plot lines continue to be very dynamic
The magic continues to entertain
The villians are henious

Alex Verus #2
I am so pleased it holds up
I want to know more of the cast
I want the characters to keep growing
Next up and soon to read, book #4, Taken

The design? I'm easily entertained
The dog ate all my verse
The clutch went out

I lost track of time
I couldn't think of a thing
It's my mother's fault, I'm so ashamed

I was in a hurry, I wanted to read a book!

Lucinda Williams
Live @ the Fillmore (c 2005)

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