Friday, January 18, 2013

Trent Jamieson / Roil / The Nightbound Land

Blistered fingers and all
It was a good read
The characters are dynamic
The world is Messy

As with some other Angry Robot Books
This is, once again, a mash-up
Science Fiction; Fantasy; Almost, not quite, Steam
I'm becoming quite fond of the mix

The three protagonists are endearing
Each in his or her own way
They are complex creatures
A Near Immortal, A Junkie, and A Mad Woman
(Mad as in Angry)

The world is in a pickle
Only the three can fix it
Time, of course, is running out
The World Machine is Phenomenal

Some new and unique thinking going on here
Terra forming
Intentions vs Outcomes
Malignant vs Benign
Fun stuff to think about

Loaded with action on several fronts
Science to ponder throughout
People to love and loath
Ideas to grab and gasp

Trent Jamieson
The Nightbound Land Series
Book #1 Roil
Book #2 Night's Engines
I'm reading #2 soon as it gets here!

One For the Dance Halls
Jesse Dayton

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