Thursday, August 15, 2013

Alex Bledsoe / Wisp of a Thing / A Novel of the Tufa #2

Being a monster fan of The Hum and The Shiver (post)
I could hardly wait to read Wisp of a Thing
I was not disappointed

Rob Quillen looks like a Tufa
He is not
He is a singer songwriter

Rob can see what only the Tufa should see
All is not right in Cloud County
There is friction fomenting in the Faye factions

Some things need fixing
Rob Quillen may be able to help
Bliss Overbay seems to think so

Thank You Alex Bledsoe
Another story well told
My heart was totally engaged

This is a series not to be missed
The Tufa
World building full to the brim with wonderment

Music to engage the heart
John Hiatt
Mystic Pinball

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