Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Holders / Julianna Scott / Exciting YA

Julianna Scott has started with a bang
The Holders, first of a series
Gripped from start to finish

Becca and brother Ryland are special
Strange voices in little brother's head
A mysterious father

Becca thinks herself, nothing special
Much to be discovered
Taking care of the family was Becca's only focus
Protecting Ryland, a full time job

When the real action starts
It is relentless
Romance rears it's beautiful head
A dynamic story for dynamic minds and hearts

The magic is just introduced here
There is so much to learn
Readers will be intrigued
Like me they will want to learn more

Strange Chemistry, is to YA
What Angry Robot is to SF&F
Cherry picking new and used authors
The skim cream
I am rarely disappointed

New music in the library
The Lumineers by The Lumineers


  1. This sounds great is it published yet or did you get an early reading copy?

    zaira of Best Pocket Knives

    1. I did get an early look but it is now available and in the YA collection at our library. Liked it a lot.