Thursday, September 9, 2010

If You Are Not Reading Young Adult Fiction You Are Missing Some Of The Best

Just finished Christy Raedeke's Prophecy of Days,
Book One of The Daykeeper's Grimorie.
I am breathless and filled to the brim with joy and trepidation.
I see conspiracies everywhere I look. This book was such fun!
2012, the end of the Mayan Calendar, is near at hand
and daring do is the watch word of the day.
Caity Mac Fireland never stops to twiddle her thumbs.
Once the intros are made the pages burn while turning.
If you are like me and like strong female protagonist,
look no further. (you might look at the second paragraph below too)

I suspect this book will be challenged by foolish folks,
but what the hey, ideas and thinking really are dangerous.

You have to be living under a mushroom to have missed all the
to do about "The Hunger Games" Trilogy by Suzanne Collins.
1.The Hunger Games; 2.Catching Fire; 3.Mockingjay.
The young fem protagonist in this series make the young lady
in Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Saga Series,
look like a wimpy damsel in distress looking for a rescue.
On the other hand, Katniss Everdeen is one stand up young lady.
She may not know exactly where she's headed
but she is definitely not standing around waiting for a train.
I'm shaking with anticipation for my turn at book three.
Admittedly the Twilight Saga Series is enjoyable,
but doesn't come close the the above mentioned young ladies
and all the young female characters in the Philip Pullman books. 

I can not stress enough the great reading you are missing
by not looking at the Young Adult Collection.
It is loaded for bear with great writers telling tremendous stories.
I will undoubtedly return to this theme.
I love YA not to mention some serious gems
in the Juvenile Collection.
It's all about the story telling.

Music for the young at heart (YA) readers.
Patti Smith's CD "Twelve"
track 2 "Everybody Wants to Rule the World"
originally written and recorded by Tears for Fears.
track 1,  "Smells Like Teen Spirit" by Kurt Cobain
and Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselic of (Nirvana)

The whole CD is a compilation of 12 cover songs
Smith had been wanting to do for years.
Very interesting mix and great music.
Track 1 is Jimi Hendrixs' "Are You Experienced?"
nuf said; Enjoy!

Hey Hey Hey
Don't forget to read everything written by Philip Pullman


  1. For something of high quality, yet different from all of the above, please visit my blog and website. Thanks!

  2. David,
    I'm pointing this out to our YA folks pronto. Looking forward to the story. Thanks for the toot, I'm thinking the horn will sound sweet so bitter sweet. I love the bitter sweet.