Thursday, July 29, 2010

High Operatic Adventure From Michael Flynn, And More Imager Intrigues From L. E. Modesitt Jr.

Continuing with some of the intriguing characters from January Dancer, Michael Flynn has put together another enjoyable intergalactic search.  Most interesting to me in Up Jim River is one of the two main protagonists, Donovan (the scarred man). This guy is troubling in spades.  Earlier in his life he was a spy for the bad guys, but they did an experiment to improve his usefulness and failed miserably. Donovan was given five and possibly eight other selves, personalities, in hopes they would integrate into a super spy. What remains is a guy constantly arguing with himselves and living a very messy life. Along comes the daughter of a former lover, spy, antagonist, in search of her mother. The race is on. Enjoy!

I'm in the middle of the third Imager Portfolio book by L. E. Modesitt and am regretting not telling you about this series before.  It is becoming one of my favorite fantasy series in the library.  Imager, the first book, knocked me off my chair.  The characters and story are both strong and well developed. The plotting has grown deeper and broader as the protagonist ages. If you'd like a little magic in your life, I can't recommend anything better.

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