Saturday, September 25, 2010

Jaine Fenn Gets Me Again

Consorts of Heaven, the second novel by Jaine Fenn is just too good not to mention right away. I loved Principles of Angels as you may have noted in the previous blog. Her second book stands tall, the woman is a very talented story teller at the beginning of what I hope is a long career. Though her first two books don't seem on the face of things to be much related, there are hints. The same aliens, the Sidhe, are afoot and the previous character Nual is mentioned. The author says they are part of her Hidden Empire series but the stories stand alone comfortably. I look forward to the big bang when the dots really start to connect. Consorts... takes place on a planet living on the edge of what feels like pre-iron age and the folks for the most part have no idea they are under the thumb of some not so benevolent aliens. The story begins with a "sky-touched" (kinda, autistic savant, sorta) boy, Damaru, finding a naked stranger in the swamp lands. Damaru and his widower mother, Kerin, take the man home to care for him. Kerin is an appropriately strong willed and strong minded woman with purpose to her life, I loved her. The man has no memory, but a quick clue to who or what he might be is in his finding his primitive surroundings pretty disgusting. Oh What Fun! The world Fenn has created, its social and religious system, are nothing short of brilliant. I look forward to the next book Guardians of Paradise, maybe the big connect will arrive in it's pages. The Sidhe's ability to get inside the minds of humans makes for a very difficult critter to face off with. But surprises abound and heroes emerge from the most unlikely places.

Go with music that fits the titles for this one.
Bob Dylan's, Dylan track 12, Knockin' On Heaven's Door
There have been so many pop covers of this song of late
it's good to get back to the genius who penned the song.

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