Wednesday, December 16, 2015

C. A. Higgins / Lightless / Brilliant Debut / Hard Sci-Fi / Social Sci-Fi

I love Hard Sci-Fi full of real science
I love Social Sci-Fi full of serious social issues
Do all of the above in one story
And Illuminate the Human Condition
What more could I ask for

Lightless by C. A. Higgins
Does it all

The Ship (the Ananke) is magnificent
Think big, as in Death Star big
We do not know it's purpose

On the ship a crew of 3
You heard me right, only 3 crew members
And an awakening computer

Althea, the engineer, designed much
Coded the computer
Ananke is hers and hers alone
Ananke is her child
Althea will protect her child

This book is on many Best of 2015 lists
With good reason

Music from 1988
Steve Earle / Copperhead Road

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