Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Scott Hawkins / The Library at Mount Char / Bizarre Twist Twisty Twisted Pleasure To Read

There is a Library
There are Librarians
Like nothing you have imagined

Scott Hawkins debut
The Library at Mount Char
Inventive merely hints at the brilliance here

You can't become complacent
The rules are always changing
The ante, your life
The stakes, always being raised

Carolyn and her peers
Spirited away as children
Raised by "father"
Each with their own library skill set
Some much more deadly than others

Father, perhaps God, or something else
Missing now
Turbulent times to be sure

I'm just not giving any spoilers here
Sometimes touching
Sometimes uber-violent
Sometimes both, often with a Bam! of Bazaar
This is a very unique read
You will be engaged

Ryan Adam / 1989
Covering Taylor Swift's CD 1989

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