Monday, January 4, 2016

Matt Hill / Graft / 448 Pages of 'wth' / That's Right Mascara Snake, What The Heck

Who'd a thunk it?
Matt Hill thought of it
Sizzling, Bizarre, Shiny
Okay, Okay
There is nothing Shiny here
Maybe a clean car

It's 2025 Manchester England
Everything sucks, big time
Sol runs a chop shop
Old cars for old parts
Why oh why did they jack a shiny new Lexus
Big mistake, really Big mistake

I've just finished the eARC
Thank you Angry Robot!

Often a little confused
My mind miss-directing itself
Thinking I "knew" something
I didn't
Always Locked-In
Full of Wonderment, ooh

About the Lexus
There was a surprise in the boot
A woman
A woman with three arms
"Made to order"

Something new in music
The Milk Carton Kids
Don't miss it

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