Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Lee Child / A Wanted Man / Jack Reacher Novels

1. This is not Science Fiction
2. This is not Fantasy
3. This does require some Suspension of Beliefs

Lee Child is a good story teller
He has developed a great protagonist
The Jack Reacher Novels are on my Read Now list
I set aside anything I'm reading and read about Jack
Jack Reacher is just one of those characters
You just want to know what he's going to do next

Reacher does not delegate
Reacher does not avoid
Reacher does not equivocate
Reacher does not whine
Jack Reacher deals with it

"It" is usually a deserving bad boy, or girl
Reacher does not wait for the authorities
Jack Reacher personifies authority
You miss behave, you are likely to die

Jack Reacher, Uber-Libertarian
Reacher is The-Law-Unto-Himself

I should feel guilty
Reading these stories
I don't

If you start, start with book 1, The Killing Floor (1997)
I just finished book 17, A Wanted Man
I am once again, satisfied

Thank goodness for patrons willing to share
The guy said my music picks are just what he listens to
Then he suggested The Avett Brothers
WoW! My Kind Of Music, Our Kind Of Music
Thanks pal!
Coming our way soon
Emotionalism, I love the title
Music for emotional boys (and girls)

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