Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Devon Monk / Tin Swift / The Age Of Steam #2 / I Love Cowboy Steampunk / I Live In Wyoming

Devon Monk continues to shine
I am very fond of her characters
You get to know the person wearing the boots
They are not shallow
They are not caricatures

Tin Swift, book 2, The Age of Steam, delivers
Cedar Hunt is still cursed
The wolf haunts his decision making
The Strange have devised a weapon of mass destruction
It must be stopped

Airships come into play
Glorious airships
Dirigibles all
Captain Hink has the best of them
Smaller, Faster, Higher, Further...

Miss Small in enamored with the Captain
Miss Small Loves his airship
Miss Small wants to tinker
Miss Small wants to devise
The Captain is fascinated by Miss Small

The Witch is in peril
Cedar is unhappy
The Coven is messing with his person of interest
Pity the Coven if they harm his Witch
No harm had better come to the Witch

Machinations or no machinations
The job must be done
The Strange must be stopped
The Device must be dealt with
The World must be saved

Cedar is on the job
Captain Hink is on the job
Rose is on the job
Miss Small is on the job
They have some help

Music soon to be ordered
Soon to be in the library
I'm chomping at the bit
I want my music,and I want it now
Don't miss this new boy in town

John Fullbright
From the Ground Up
(I'll link this when it arrives)

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