Friday, June 11, 2010

More War, More Dragons and Some Summer Reading

I just finished Dragon Haven by Robin Hobb, book two of The Rain Wilds Chronicles. The story continues to stand strong, I'm loving this series. Stronger women, stronger dragons, stronger story.

I finally got my hands on The Lotus Eaters by Tom Kratman, book three of his violent Jihadist annihilation series with no series name. Wow! This guy really makes me think of the value of soldiers and what they do for a living. The war is over now and the troops are at home and starting to deal with local problems, drug cartels, international and intergalactic politics, the usual stuff. The leading soldiers son is being introduced into the story and some of the tribal folks treat him as "Avatar of God." I'm wondering if we have a religious war looming in the next installment (do we become what we loathe?). I continue to burn through these books. My brain continues to re-evaluate my body-politic in regards to war. I think this pondering is good for me. We live in troubling times even as we are evolving (hopefully for the better) as species. I think I've been a little myopic in my middle years. Having a six year old girl makes me look much more to the future.

Enough for now!
Sleepless in Sleepy Hollow Subdivision

Almost forgot the summer reading.  An aging thing again.
 I just read Patrica Briggs' newest Mercy Thompson Novel, Silver Borne.  Of course, a burning book experience. The whole series of stories is just good Urban Fantasy Candy.  Few in the genre compare, but, but, but I just read a new author, Seressia GlassShadow Blade was a lark!  I know this lady is going to delight us in the future, Kira Solomon is a strong protagonist with an interesting day job. Her avocation is fraught with danger and daring do.

Music at the moment
To be young (is to be sad, is to be high)
David Rawlings' cover of Ryan Adams deliciously down beat song.
CD - Dave Rawlings Machine / A Friend of a Friend [track #2]
Just as an aside, David Rawlings is husband to Gillian Welch.
Their music is always haunting me. Try Time (The Revelator).


  1. Odd you should say that at this particular time. Just yesterday Simon and Schuster nagged my publisher to come up with a series name; she duly nagged me, and it is now, officially, "Carrera's Legions."

  2. You just can't mess with coincidence.
    Happy to see you're still checking in
    and thanks for the stories.
    I'm relearning a lot about my core beliefs.
    It's like deja vu all over again from 1964
    when I was very actively supporting Barry Goldwater.
    I did go through quite a transitional period shortly after that during the social revolution of the 60's.
    Change is constant and absolutely reliable.