Tuesday, June 15, 2010

BURNING BOOK! Fire Unsuppressable! YIKES! Grand Master Spins and Spins and Spins Time!

Summer Reading Fans, Here's One Lightening Fast and Fun Read.
Jack McDevitt could not have pleased me more with his newest,
Time Travelers Never Die.  It is a joy to read.
No heavy thoughts, save the usual paradox involving time travel.
It's like some of the old great stories where the author takes an idea
and turns it loose on a Mobis Strip and then plants it
at a very uncomfortable juncture in an M. C. Escher drawing..
Time! What Fun! What an idea! What a concept! You get the idea.

Music after reading this one.
"Well, I woke up this morning, I got myself a beer.
The future's uncertain, and the end is always near..."
 Roadhouse Blues [track 1] on Morrison Hotel by The Doors

And yes to you etymologists pulling your hair, roots and all;
unsuppressible should be insuppressible or in-suppressible.
Just didn't sound right to me.
Merriam-Webster would not buy my try,
but the Wiktionary even defined the goofy word.
It's 2010 you don't have to be right if someone else agrees with you.
Just ask a pundit or talk show host.
Did I just become what I loathe?
I hope this isn't becoming a theme for my blog.


  1. I've never been an avid SF reader, however, I now have a new appreciation! I'm intrigued by the music suggestions-Reading the book while listening to the sound selections...SWEET!

  2. YIKES! I can not read and listen to music I love at the same time. Maybe it's a gender thing but I doubt it. I think the answer may lie in the fact that I don't have a soundtrack for my life. I stop and listen. r