Friday, June 25, 2010

I Am Not A Critical Reader. I Am A Viceral Reader. Give Me Something To Expirence!

I have just finished the Jump 225 Trilogy and am breathless. Few writers and critics disagree, this trilogy is a brilliant piece of work.  These books grabbed me, shook me and would not let go.  On the grand scale of things I kept thinking of The Foundation Series by Isaac Asimov, Dune (usually #1 on my all time ever list) by Frank Herbert and strangely enough but really not so strange, Pattern Recognition by William GibsonFoundation and Dune because of the grand scope of world building and Pattern Recognition because the unique sub genera "Sci-Fi Business Thriller" with  much to do about advertising.  I'm hoping the two mentions of "pattern recognition" I caught in my reading of book three, Geosynchron, were homage to Gibson by Edelman. Anyone who has ever seen an advertisement or plans to see one in the future should read Gibson's book.  You will be changed in what you see forever and have a lot of fun reading to boot.

I am a slow deliberate reader.  I read everything the author writes.  I pause for commas, I hesitate for semicolons and I reread the occasional line or paragraph that inspires or baffles.  I am aghast at some of the reviews I read of the books I've blogged.  Some critics are so puffed with self aggrandizing, I wonder if they even read the book.  Don't they like a good story?  Don't they want to escape and or think about something else for a little while? You will not find books I have not liked for one reason or another in this blog.  I don't finish books I don't like, my list is too long to accomplish to begin with, I don't have time for fiction I don't like.

About the near future Jihadist war series with no name by Tom Kratman, it is now officially Carrera's Legions. Thank you H. O..

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