Monday, March 28, 2016

Jason Denzel / Mystic / Brilliant Debut

Foolish boy that I am
I unwittingly requested and received
The eARC for Mystic by Jason Denzel
Not paying attention
Did not notice
I only got a "Preview Excerpt"

Most of the book was there
Not the last chapters of the book
I burned through the ARC
Smokn' Hot Story
Totally Captivated
The ARC stopped short
What Happens Next??
Bummed, Sad, Dejected

Just could not bring myself to post a reaction
I had not finished the book
I waited
The book finally arrived
I burned my way to the finish
Great Stuff!

Near the end
Yikes! Philip Pullman could have written this
Not a comfortable conclusion
But wait, another chapter to read

One of the best
Lonely serf girl tries to make good
Wants to be a Mystic
Magic maker of the forest and such

This is one terrific Heroic Myth
All the elements are present
A must read

New Music to the library
An old friend of mine from 1973
Over-nite Sensation
Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention
One of my persona all-time favorite songs Montana

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