Thursday, March 17, 2016

Fran Wilde / Updraft / Wonderful World Build

In a city rising higher and higher
Built of living, growing bone spires
People fly everywhere
All trade is carried by flyers

Kirit Densira is coming of age
Kirit wants nothing more than to be a trader
Her mother is one of the best
Her missing father, one of the best

Politics being politics, there is a Catch 22
Kirit must strap on her wings
The Wing Test is her only path to being a trader

The fail in this Heroic Journey is spectacular
The journey after failure, amazing
Kirit is someone you want to get to know
Someone you want to cheer for
The story, so much more than you think at first reading

Updraft book 1 of Bone Universe, will stay with you
You will wait impatiently with me for more
Fran Wilde has penned an outstanding debut novel
Fran Wilde is on my Must Read list

Music you didn't know about but want to hear
The Green 
James Maddock, a songwriter's songwriter

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