Thursday, February 6, 2014

Pierce Brown / Red Rising / Class Struggle On Mars

Superlatives for Red Rising
Are echoing across the web
I agree with them
Pierce Brown has written a zinger
Book 1; The Red Rising Trilogy

Darrow is a Red
Lowest of the low
All but slave in name

Darrow is a sensitive guy
A smart guy
They, the Golds
Highest of the high
Kill Darrow's wife

Darrow is a mad guy
Willing to do anything
Willing to become a Gold
Willing to wait

Tightly paced
Always near the edge
Totally engaging

I needed to set the book down
I needed to get some air
I needed to relax my muscles
I needed to relax my mind

Lots of comparisons
Babbling Hunger Games
Sorta, Kinda, Maybe
But no
This is Darrow's story

Honky Tonk by Son Volt

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