Thursday, February 6, 2014

Francis Knight / Fade to Black / Living Vertically

Fade to Black
Book 1 Rojan Dizon Series
Francis Knight

Rojan Dizon finds things
Objects, People, Things

Rojan Dizon lives in a vertical city
The very privileged on high
The very oppressed deep below

Rojan's magic
Pain Magic

Rojan's niece has been abducted
Taken to the very bowls of the city

Secrets are revealed
Secrets are reviled

Necessity of corruption?
Necessity of oppression?

Give me a break
No breaks were found

Broken people trying to do the right thing
Broken people not doing the right thing

Twisted layers of plot
A mobius strip of honeyed filo dough
Bitter under tones

Where is Francis Knight going from here
I have not a clue but I'm going with her

Something different in music
Foreverly Billie Joe + Nora
Billie Joe Armstrong
Nora Jones

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