Friday, April 13, 2012

Two To Scar The Brain And Be Slow To Forget

Will McIntosh has my full and undivided attention
I read his latest first, Hitchers
The dead start hitching rides with the living
One to a customer, so to speak
The inventiveness, the brilliance
Is who hitches with whom
The dearly loved dead wife
Riding in the soon to be girlfriend
The protagonist burdened, overburdened really
With the cantankerous, selfish, mean spirited
Full tilt alcoholic grandfather
The emotional conflict as we get to know each player
We really care about the dead and the living
We flipping hate the nasty little grandfather
This is new emotional turf we are reading
The story doesn't let up
You already know a bit too much
Trust me, I'm a guy; okay, don't trust me
The book is nothing short of brilliant.

The disquiet and satisfaction of Hitchers
Led me strait to last years model
Soft Apocalypse
The title says it all
Walking through this slowly developing hell
Opens and Slams Shut every nerve in the body
Opens and Slams Shut every emotion you have
Disquiet doesn't fit here
Full fledged dread hints of where you are
I love a good post apocalypse story
This one is skim cream
It rises quickly to the top and congeals
It's thick and rich and may not be good for you
But you just can't put it down
You just can't leave it alone
Two day read, tops

Your going to need something from the roots
You will want to settle the mind
Exposed Roots: Best of Alt-Country
2 CDs with 12 songs each
A very rich selection of artists
Old and New, Twang and Twitch
I harp about Alt-Country enough
This will give you a broad perspective
I've included the artists lineup
Disc 1.  Lucinda Williams --  Blue Mountain
Gillian Welch --  Whiskeytown --Golden Smog
Jimmie Dale Gilmore -- Freakwater
Meat Puppets --Gourds -- BR5-49
Tangletown --  Cheri Knight
Disc 2.The Jawhawks -- Kelly Willis
Steve Earle --  Southern Culture on the Skids
Johnny Cash -- The Handsome Family
Vic Chesnutt -- Honeydogs -- Alejandro Escovedo
Marlee MacLeod -- Lampchop -- Gram Parsons

Such a great display of what it is
I donated it to the collection
I wanted to share what I love

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