Monday, December 14, 2009

“(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding”

(composer: Nick Lowe) (best cover: Elvis Costello)

I was thinking I was a peace minded guy.
I recently finish reading A Desert Called Peace by Tom Kratman
I like war stories, I’m a guy, but I still think I’m a bit of a peacnick.
This book caught me totally off guard. It caught me off guard
in that I not only finished the novel I read the sequel, Carnifex.
Good finish!

In a future not all that many centuries away from now.
On a planet colonized by earth, a planet not unlike earth,
a planet geographically, politically, socially, economically,
racially and religiously; not at all unlike earth. (Think not so "false background" SF)

Anyway; a soldier loses his family in a terrorists "tower attack".
So, what’s the big deal? This soldier decides it is his duty
to rid the earth of all violent Jihad minded Moslems.
Why the font jump and bold?
Jihad to many Moslems is a personal battle,
a personal struggle with spiritual discipline.
(This Jihad I understand all too well)

If you are at all, even a little, "politically correct,"
stay the hell away from this book.
If you like a good war story
and want to know how to take care of business, enjoy.


  1. Oh, I dunno, Richard; who needs the education more than the PC crowd?

    Glad you enjoyed them. Volume III, The Lotus Eaters, comes out this April 20th and Volume IV, the Amazon Legion, sometime this year.

  2. I await the next books with baited breath.
    I will read them without shame.