Friday, December 11, 2009

Welcome to my SF blog

I know the value of opinions.
If you're comfortable
knowing this is just my opinion
we'll do well together.

I love Science Fiction, Speculative Fiction, Fantasy
and the myriad of blends found in the genre.
Hard Sci-Fi, Space Opera, Heroic Myth, Detective Procedural;
I enjoy it all.

What draws me to SF?
First and foremost it's ability
to display the human condition
in a false background.
Removing the cultural clutter of our current
perceived reality can be very disarming.
Secondly is it's ability to stretch my brain.
The Universe is a much bigger place than I can immagine.
It's fun to try.
What will follow is what I'm reading,
what I'm reading about,
and things SF that matter to me
and might matter to you.


  1. Richard, this is great! I can already see that not only will the blog be informative and entertaining, but it will also benefit us reference staff members in regards to readers' advisories. Thanks! MT

  2. I'm so excited for the blog! Now I won't have to bug you so much when I need a new book to read.