Monday, June 13, 2016

Jay Posey / Outriders / Gotcha From Start To Finish

Jay Posey opens the story with the unthinkable
Outriders will own you from the opening sentence

Captain Lincoln Suh is a special operations soldier
He has been reassigned

Lincoln now heads-up a very secretive unit
Specializing in very black ops
What's so special
The 519th Applied Intelligence Group
One and all are reanimated
And there is so much more to the story

Every character has endearing traits
People you want to read about
People you want to spend time with

I look forward to more from the Outriders
Military Sci-Fi with a twist

You can blame it on a patron's recommendation
He said the lyrics were special
I am now listening to Hip Hop
Love Story by Yelawolf
The lyrics are indeed special

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