Thursday, March 12, 2015

Robin LaFevers / Grave Mercy / His Fair Assassin Series / Compelling!

I was fortunate to be given ARC's of books 1 & 2
Once I started Grave Mercy it was over
No other reading material existed
No free time existed

I finished Grave Mercy and began Dark Triumph
I did not take a breath between books
Finishing Dark Triumph I found Mortal Heart
It was on the shelf in the YA library
It had no business being on a shelf

Finally done, finished, end of series
Three book, Three surprising young women
Three layered stories
Filled with characters you want to get to know
Filled with characters you want to figure out

The compelling element for me
All three books deal with the God of death
The young ladies are, after all, assassins
What they/we learn is Death is a loving God
Death is a natural part of the cycle of life

"Yea, though I walk through the valley
of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil"
Comes to mind
Compelling stories with strong young women
His Fair Assassin Series by Robin LaFevers
Don't Miss It!

Not my usual cup of genre tea
But I like this woman's religious music
As Sure As The Sun by Ellie Holcomb


  1. GRAVE MERCY was a powerful, pulse racing, hands shaking, thrilling adventure, that was more then I could of predicted. With it's powerful political intrigue, and strongly fierce characters, GRAVE MERCY is one to keep you up late, demanding just one more chapter. I would HIGHLY recommend GRAVE MERCY to anyone!

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    1. Thanks for the comment and I can't agree more, I read all three books as quickly as the pages could be read.

  2. I think Grave Mercy is a fantastic book. It is a book that moved me emotionally and kept me entertained from cover to cover. The entire plot is fleshed out wonderfully. The characterization is top notch. The fantasy elements are perfect and mysterious.

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