Monday, March 12, 2012

Counting And Counting And Counting

Count to a Trillion
Dead center of the road by reviewers
What do I know
I know I finished the book
I never finish what I don't enjoy
John C. Wright has written an intriguing story
I liked the science, be it real or imagined
Most important to me with this story, it felt real
I really liked the "long view" of time
The story stretched my thinking
Our lives are such a tiny blip on the screen
I think he got humanities wasteful trivialization spot on
An abundance of energy in this story is squandered

The protagonist is a trash talking Texan
Reminded me of Joe R. Lansdale stories
I'm reading one at the moment
Laudable in my thinking, I like Joe

What will our first encounter with aliens be
I shudder to think

We can be so great, We can be so petty

Music for a convoluted love story
Within a convoluted story
Love is Hell by Ryan Adams

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