Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Space Opera / Steampunk / Western / Romance! WHAT?

To begin with, It is in the SF collection
I do not shy away from any of the genera
Romance may be a trail less traveled
But I still walk the trail
A. S. Byatt's, Possession: a Romance comes to mind
Winner of the Mann Booker Award (1990)
And rightly so
The Hunter by Theresa Meyers is a riot
The Legend Chronicles, book #1
No heavy lifting here, but
Great Pacing, Action, Gadgetry, Magic and Romance
This Cowboy Shoot'mUp blends all, seamlessly
The romance smolders, and smolders,and smolders
 Book #2, The Slayer, will arrive in April
I will read it. I look forward to reading it

Freading, The ebooks available from GOWYLD.NET
Available to Wyoming Library Card Holders
(don't forget to use zip code 82001)
Is a sweet gift to all ereaders in Wyoming
I went for a space opera
You will never guess what I ended up with
Space Opera / ROMANCE
Darkscape:Redemption by R. Garland Gray
It may start with a smolder
Not long into the story the flames burn brightly
None the less, an enjoyable escape
Clans rule and sociopolitical machination abound
The protagonist is gene warped
It was short, quick and sassy
I will probably sneak back and read book 1
Darkscape: The Rebel Lord
But, I'm a guy, Its Romance, I'm not telling
Then again maybe I will
AHHHH! Was that a Judy Blume reference?

So Romance? Music?
Sade, Soldier of Love
Nice sound

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