Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Personal Security People And A Whole Lot More: Also, David Weber Falls Off Flat World!

Do Unto Others… by Michael Z. Williamson caught me a little off guard. I have not given much thought to personal body guards and the work they do. Picking up Do Unto Others… was a page turning surprise.  I considered giving it up but kept with it to landing on the mining planet Govannon.  Here the author has created a great potential view of the future of mining in space and the extremes of environment likely to be encountered. The story is very much in the vein of Robert A. Heinlein’s body of work and the characters are, to put it lightly, diverse. The center protagonist is the young college graduate heiress to the hands down wealthiest family in the known universe. The machinations of intra-family skulduggery frame the security details work to keep young Caron alive and the family business moving forward. Williamson has co-authored with John Ringo and knows Space Opera and how to deliver. The tech detailing of the living and mining environs and the detail of the explosives and how they are used is very interesting,down right fun. Military SF fans will like where this books takes them too.

I am just finishing David Weber’s Out of the dark and am blown away.  Once again something harkening back to the master R. A. Heinlein with a story of Alien invasion and what humans do when half the population of Earth is destroyed before even presenting themselves and suggesting we submit to their superiority and do their bidding. The story moves around the globe to different groups trying to survive and deal with the invaders.  Weber delivers a delightful analysis of the human psyche and how we might react. The psyche of the invaders and the hegemony from which they come from are so plausible as to make me tremble with tremors of fear and joy of who I am (we are). I am a big fan of David Weber and his Honor Harrington stories and the Safehold Series, two of my favorites.
Ye Gads! Yikes! What is going on here?
I just hit the last chapter of Out of the Dark,
had to get up and go to work.
My mind is REELING!
I think I'll take an early break and finish this Sudden Weird.
Whew! Shocking, just shocking.
Given David Weber is writing it, I'll look forward to the next in this, if it's going to be a series, series.  It will be okay, he'll do it differently and do it better. I think I can, I think I can....
No spoilers here, read it and weep, read it and howl,
read it and jump for joy, read it and do as you wish.

Steve Earle is ringing in my ears.

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